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Barack Obama US President ( The Whitehouse )
The Issues

A path to citizenship for approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants will be created, with "provisional legal status" and a green card as intermediary steps, even if security measures in the borders are not yet tightened. By registering, passing background checks and paying fees and penalties, undocumented immigrants can earn provisional legal status. "Provision legal status" immigrants can apply for permanent residency behind other immigrants already in system. Application for citizenship will be possible for immigrants 5 years after they have received permanent residency.

Infrastructures at port entries will be improved and investment in technology for foreign visitor processing will be boosted through the use of public-private partnerships. New criminal penalties are created for human traffickers, smugglers of drugs, money or weapons across the border and tighter measures against passport and visa fraud. Simplify the process of removal for those who overstay their visas or pose a threat to national security and deport convicted criminals at the end of their prison sentences.

The same path for people brought to the U.S. as children but by going to college or serving in the military for 2 years could be expedited.
Raise from 7% to 15 % on the annual cap for the number of family-sponsored immigrants may come from any country. Annual visa numbers will be temporarily increased by an unspecified amount. Start-up visa is created for job creating entrepreneurs and visa opportunities are expanded for those who invest in the United States. Greater flexibility is allowed to add countries to visa waiver program for tourists and let interview requirements be waived by the State Department for very low-risk visitors
Social Security Care will be made fraud-resistant and documents non-forgeable for those without Social Security Cards. Employers who hire undocumented immigrants will be imposed with increased penalties. Phase in mandatory electronic employment verification, over five years, with some exemptions for some small businesses.
Same path to citizenship for farm workers in the country who have entered illegally
Marco Rubio Rep - Florida ( Senate / "Gang of 8" )

Path to citizenship is created for approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country but border security measure must be completed first. A commission of lawmakers and border-state community leaders is created to make recommendations about when security measures are completed. Undocumented immigrants can register, pass background checks and pay fines and back taxes to earn "probationary legal status" while security measures are underway.Immigrants om "probationary legal status can apply for permanent residency once security measures are in place behind other immigrants already in the system after they prove their employment history and learn English and civics.

Unmanned drones, surveillance equipments and more agents will be added at and between ports of entry. Entry-exit system is created to track if people in the U.S. on temporary visas have left as required.
People who were brought to the U.S. when they were children would have an expedited path to citizenship.
Backlogs in family and employment visas are reduced. More lower skilled immigrants are allowed to come to the country when the economy is creating jobs than when it is not. Workers who have succeded in the workplace and contributed to their communities are permitted to earn green cards. An agricultural worker program is created and employers are allowed to hire immigrants if they can demonstrate that American workers are not available.
Non-forgeable electronic system is created for requiring prospective workers to demonstrate legal status and identity. Employers who knowingly hire undocumented immigrants will be imposed with stiff fines and criminal penalties.
Quicker path to citizenship for farm workers in the country illegally.
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Resolving the growing problem with our current system's broken immigration policy is an urgent matter that concerns all of us. Below are a few facts that illistrate how important it is to strengthen our immigration system:
Many of the U.S.A.'s brightest scientists and thinkers are immigrants. More than 29% of our scientists, 50% of our PhDs in mathematics and computer science and 57% of PhDs in engineering are immigrants.
One third of the 1990s patenting per capita were the work of immigrants according to National Bureau of Economic Research. Such innovation hass contributed to increasing U.S. GDP by 2.4 percent. 25% of public U.S. companies were backed by venture capital investors.
A study conducted at the University of California concluded that the wages of native college-educated workers will increase by 4 to 6 percent when the share of foreign scientist and engineers in the U.S. workforce increase.
Canada and Mexico together account for a third of our country's exports in 2012 and over $3 billion in trade per day in 2012. Truly, strengthening our immigration system makes trade with our neighbors more efficient.
Travel and tourism is responsible for 7.7 million jobs in the 3rd quarter alone of 2012 as well as a record $168.1 billion in exports. China, Brazil and India represent about 40% of the world's population and the number of tourists from these countries will increase by 259%, 83% and 47% respectively.